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Affordable Missionary Prayer Cards

Why are we so reasonable?
The answer--YOU! We realize that missionaries often pay hundreds of dollars for subpar missionary prayer cards when really, they should be paying little and be receiving some of the best looking literature around. Digi Tech Studio has been blessed with so much over the years, it's a no-brainer to us that we should offer services at cost for missionaries. That is why we offer our $25 missionary prayer card designs for all of the missionaries and non-profits who need something designed and printed.

Of course, with every good deal there is a catch. So here it is: 1) you must be using what ever litearture we produce to further the Kingdom. 2) To qualify for the $25 designs, you must also use our printing services.

Our goal is to keep our prices low forever.


This Low and Affordable Design Price Includes:

1 missionary prayer card design, 1 major design change (this is not a complete card redesign) and up to 2 minor revisions. If the design process exceeds this, your design may cost more than $25.00. But do not worry, we will still keep it affordable. We are the most-affordable prayer card company around.

Major Changes:
- New Image
- Photo Manipulation/enhancement
- Basic Layout alterations

Minor Changes:
- Text change
- Font change
- Color changes (of text, or solid color backgrounds)


*If you choose to print elsewhere, the rights to your design will cost $90.00. Working files will costs $150.00.

*If your project is not completed within 45 days after it is first initiated, you will be charged a $75.00 downpayment. This downpayment will be subtracted from your overall total once an invoice is sent.

*If you start a design with Digi Tech Studio and choose to abandon the project, you will be charged a minimum of $50.00 but no more than $100.00 for the labor put into the design.