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About Us

Our Roots
The "DTS" in DTS Prayer Cards comes from Digi Tech Studio. Digi Tech Studio (DTS) is a marketing company that was founded in the Chicagoland area in 2005. From graphic design to web development; print advertising and social media marketing, DTS does it all. One summer, a missionary asked Digi Tech Studio to design a prayer card. We knew that our consulting and designing prices would be too expensive for most missionaries. As a result, we opened up a new division of our company called DTS Prayer Cards geared towards providing quality, innovative and affordable prayer cards to those who have dedicated their lives to serving God.

Our prayer card service is unique because we have a special team of designers comprised of individuals that have stepped forward saying they are willing to make less money if they are designing cards for missionaries that are doing the Lord's work. Our team of designers is no less skilled or qualified. On the contrary, our prayer card design team is made up of a talented crew of individuals around the globe who want to give back by using their talents in a unique way.

We can help wherever you are
Don’t worry if you are located on the other side of the world, we can still work together. We are experienced in working long distance. We’ll ship to you wherever you are too, so don’t worry about that either!