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You are safe with us!
Any information that you send via our site is safe with us! We promise not to turn around and sell your email address to those dreaded spam-artists. Here at Digi Tech Studio, none of us like spam so we won't throw any your way.

However, you do need to beware that some of the social media sites we reccomend may not have the same privacy beliefs that we hold. So we're not responsible if they spam you. We put only the best of the best on this site though, so if they do spam you we would like to know so that we can see if they are worthy of staying on our site or not.

Remember the Golden Rule
We just promised not to sell your information or expose anything you would like to keep private. We would really appreciate it if you did the same for us. For instance, our logos are our property. It'd be great if they didn't surprise us by popping up in unexpected places. Oh, and all those little social media icons are also logos of other companies, so please be respectful.

Honestly, we'd be flattered if you would like to talk about us in your blog or on Twitter or Facebook or other social media outlets. If you do talk about Digi Tech Studio, we'd love to know! Hey, we may even sit down and do an interview for you if you ask nicely. We're not about to tell you that you can't use our logo or link to our site. In fact, we may give you additional pictures or media that could help.

Thank you for using our site. You never need to feel unsafe poking around here. We promise we'll do our part in keeping all of your private info safe!